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16 Tool Turret for a Heid Lathe


I built a tool turret for my Heid lathe and tried to use the 4-bit code from the tool changer list. Unfortunately it works not stable enough- there were some tool changes to to wrong tool. So I programmed my internal controller to fit the Hercules PC200 - 8 Tool Turret code of the tool changer list. Now it works fine but I can only use it with 8 tools. Is there a possibility to implement a code which supports 16 Tools?

Can anyone help me in this case?


whats your controller's serial number?


firstly the 4-bit tool changer is the right one you should use for your tool changer as it supports more tool numbers. As the standard PC200 only supports 8 tools, the logic needs to be added to support more tools but this can only be added to the G3 controllers due to memory limitations on the G2 model.

ok, I tried the 4-bit tool changer and it supports 14 tools. But I had some troubles especially with tool 1 and also with some other tool positions. When I choose it the turret begins to rotate, all signals from my turret controller are as they should be (F1 screen) but Masso stops at the wrong tool position. Any idea what it could be?

I thought about a timing issue. Is there a debounce time when reading the 4-bit input lines? I only need 10us for changing to high level, but there is a wire of 5m. The signals might get influenced a bit.

is there a chart you can create to show what 4-bit signals you are getting on each tool position so that we can check and provide further information.

I only have a 2 channel oscilloscope, so I can't check all signals in parallel. But as I mentioned before, the signals are ok. I checked bit0 compared to bit1, bit0 compared to bit2, bit0 compared to bit3. They are changing within 10us. The signals represents the binary tool numbers as descriped in your documentation.

I looked at bit0 and cw signal coming from Masso- there are just about 50us from rising edge of bit0 to response on cw signal. I am pretty sure that this is too fast to get a stable result...

You can find the chart below (CH1:cw inverted, CH2:bit0)

If I choose the tools chronological (first tool0, then tool1, then tool2,...) it works perfect but if I use tool2 and choose tool1 it should rotate nearly one round but stops at tool5.

Uploaded files:
  • Oszi-cw-bit0.jpg

Still the same problem...

How should we proceed?

timing should not be an issue until you are getting the correct binary signals.

as a test, you can connect 4 switches to masso inputs and using these switches you can give binary signals to masso and check your setup.