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A axis

Quote from rroie on August 16, 2019, 11:14 pm

Tried to upload video.

Do not know how to delete. Message reads file size too big.


Other ways to provide a video is

  • Zip and upload that.
  • Upload to YouTube and provide link to video.



Do not know anything about YouTube. Watch a lot. Did not think about zipping it. I reduced its size from Quicktime to MP4 with a program I got off the internet but it was still too big. I e-mailed it thru some kind of link to support and they got it.

Thank You for all the help Arie it is sure appreciated


hello @rroie thanks for the video, can you please provide the below:

  1. a simple wiring diagram on how you have wired the A axis drive to MASSO and the drive model number.
  2. masso settings file as per this link:
  3. your controller serial number

I am confused as to where or how I should post information about Massso. Sent e-mail but here it is again: Sn: 5A-3310


Uploaded files:

@rroie thanks for the settings file and the diagram.

We loaded the settings file to our controller and followed the steps as per your video, the A-axis is working fine in both directions.

So the issue seems to be in the wiring or the stepper drive. Have you tried replacing this drive with another one? if the other drive also behaves this way then please check that your STEP and DIRECTION signals are correctly wired to the drive. It could be that your DIRECTION signal from MASSO is wired to the drives PULSE- and STEP signal from MASSO is wired to drives PULSE+ because this way I can see your drive only working in on direction. So please check these.

See posts #3 and #6 they address your concerns. The only thing I have not done is swap the pulse and step wires so they are backwards. I am running a program right now. As soon as it is done I will wire it up wrong. Nothing else seems to work.

Thank You


I reversed the wiring- the Direction to Pulse and the Step to Direction same thing A axis turns in one direction. At this point I think it is pretty obvious that there is something wrong with the Masso.

Thank You


can you remove the direction wire going to the A drive and then does the motor run in one direction or totally stops working?

I just hooked up the Z axis wires from Masso to the A axis dirver and it rotates in both directions.

Thank You


thanks, so that confirms that the drive is good.

Please also note that the X,Y & Z axis outputs on MASSO are differential signals but A and B are TTL, so the wiring is slightly different.

Can you please only wire the STEP signal from MASSO A-axis to the drive and see if the motor turns?