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Another Multicam IIs conversion


Thanks Arie

This was exactly my plan today but I didn't get past the first gate. The difference between your suggestion and how I had the shielded cable connected was that I only had the S+ and D+ connected to MASSO and the drivers and the other two wires in the cable floating at both ends. I tried with and without the earths isolated from the negatives.

I'll try with the S- and D- connected to MASSO and floating at the driver end, earths isolated from negatives as you suggest and report back.

Thanks. I appreciate the help.


Hi Arie

Today I went back to a bare bones bench test and tried the following.

  • 3 separate PS (not using the original one to remove all doubt)
  • 1 connection only to 240V mains
  • only y axis connected
  • test 1: driver connection = 4 wire and drain shielded cable with D+- and S+- connected at MASSO, D+ S+ connected to driver / drain wire connected to earth
  • test 2: driver connection = 4 wire and drain shielded cable with D+- and S+- connected at MASSO, D+ S+ connected to driver / drain wire NOT connected to earth
  • test 3: driver connection = 2 wires no shield / no drain
  • Nothing else connected

Test 1: Jogging Y was horrendous

Test 2: Jogging Y was less horrible, but still very bad

Test 3: Jogging Y was perfectly smooth

Below are images of the setups with and without the shielded cable and a diagram of each of the three tests as a pdf.

Uploaded files:


Could you contact MASSO Support on

Discussed your problem at our weekly meeting and the consensus of the group was that you need a adaptor between MASSO and your driver as it seems that the signal strength may be down on what your driver needs to operate it's optoisolators.
These boards take the differential signal from MASSO and convert it into TTL to drive the optocoupler, they are mounted in your control box next to the driver and are powered from the 5v supply going to the driver.

Another item that is causing your problem is that the negative return of the optocoupler uses the negative backplane of the driver circuit board and this can introduce noise into the signal.

Include your serial number in the email.




Thanks Arie

I'll email. I really appreciate your help and recognise you're going above and beyond given the issue here appears to be my own knowledge and not an issue with the MASSO. Hooking it up in the first instance and getting stuff moving was simple - this noise or whatever it is issue however is beyond my level of understanding.