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Berger Lahr 5 phase stepper

Hello Downunder,

I am the proud owner off a 1982 cincinnati drill mill bought on an auction. The original Berger Lahr POSILAB 3000 controler, seemed to work, miracle, but now it bugs.

Plan B has always been to replace it by some stepper Kit largely awailable on internet, if it was to fail.

Masso is my first choice for that move, but will it work? Has someone done this retrofit? I think the Berger Lahr stepper where very popular in those days.

Tank you for your help.



Have to apologize to all of you that have look into this post, I have been a bit silly not giving more information’s.

I have opened the control box:

10 cables form the motor. 5 for the motor since it’s a 5 pole? 5 for the encoder?

Bunch off cables for each axis from the control cabinet.

Another potentially important input. I can drive the machine in jog mode so maybe I could find on what cable there is a signal.

What do you think? Do a have a chance connecting the MASSO controller to this.

Have a nice day


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5 wires to motor are

  • 2 for phase A
  • 2 for phase B
  • 1 for ground

What are your intentions,

  • replace controller only
  • replace controller and drivers
  • replace controller, drivers and motors

If the drivers and motors are working OK and you only want to update the controller then you need to supply more details on the drivers, in particular whether they accept Step & Direction signals. For the other situations you need to research what drivers are suitable for your motors or find a combination of drivers & motors that are suitable for the mill.





Thank you Breezy for your reply. In the mean time I have found more information. Up load it all since it may also interest others.

The original documentation from berger lahr wiring with the 10 cables.

And on the forum of Orientalmotor the wiring for 5 wires to work with their drivers that support the 5 phases.

So, to my intentions:

Change the controller, update to MASSO and be able to use Fusion and post processor rather than tipping code + all the cool features.

Then the plan is to reuse a maximum off existing hardware. If I can keep the drives I will. If I have to change the drives then I would do the move to Orientalmotor drives. I work with their products on other projects and they are really good.

Have to find some documentation for the controler. Or try to find who is who in the cable bundle!




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  • orientalmotor-wiring-info-from-forum.png



Me again, feels like I am doing good progress in my internet quest. Found the wiring for the power unit MD5 as it is called (on the first picture)

So if I connect MASSO on the inputs for step and direction I am back in buisness??? Sound too easy now!

Have I nice  weekend


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Thanks for the update on the 5 phase motor, learn something new every day.

In regards to axis control you have it easy, now you need to check spindle control that it takes 0-10v or PWM. Then you are set to go.



Hello Arie,

Double checked the wiring and it turns out that the original board also uses only step and direction. Nothing else wired on the socket.

Spindle control may turn out to be easy also. Today the controller activates a relay (The small OMRON in the middle.)  This relay switches a motor contactor powering the 1.1kW 380v motor. (The “frequency convertor” is mechanical type as on picture)

So one pin from the masso board should do the trick!

Have a nice weekend


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So if I understand it correctly, the motor is fixed speed and the black knob is used to vary spindle speed.

As MASSO uses TTL outputs, you will need a TTL compatible relay in place of the OMRON relay. MASSO sells a TTL relay board that contains 6 relays. So if you wish to control other outputs with MASSO you'll be set to do so.

This will be a easy conversion for you, I suggest you start a topic in the Machine Conversions forum with pictures for future help.




I have ordered the MASSO G3 in Holland and hope to get it in a few days. I will open a new topic in the conversion section.

Tank you for your help

Take care