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Bobcad Cam Post processor for plasma?

Is anyone using bobcad cam for their plasma?

I am looking for a post processor.

I use SheetCam and i think it is spot on!

If you come across a product called FastCam don't buy it! cause it destroys your files! "Absolute SHIT" and that's me being nice about their product!

Just spend the money and be happy, From Ross.

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Turned on my new plasma ball and look what happened to my clock! Then i touched the plasma ball and I agree pay  to write my essay 555 timer chip or variant being bumped by the RF from plasma ball. I have a plasma ball, going to try this.

Quote from johnlittlejack on April 28, 2020, 3:22 pm

Is anyone using bobcad cam for their plasma?

I am looking for a post processor.


I too am looking for the post processers for both plasma and Mill in Bobcad.  I called them the other day and they told me if I was kind enough to upgrade to there newest version they would provide me with a POST processer.   If memory serves me when I bought this version 29 I was also promised they would get one for me when I needed it.

Can't be all that hard to use the known codes and make our own I guess if it comes down to that.

I am presently in the process of converting my 2 shop mill machines, both of which are GN 6 and have not run for several years to MASSO Controllers.  Wanted to get a jump start with Using the Bobcad  while I am waiting on parts to have something to run when I get done.   Now having second thoughts about staying with Bobcad.  Who needs that kind of service?

In my opinion MASSO should also be on this and have a copy of the post for its customers. They do for the Lathe  version, Let me know how you fair.