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BUG-s ????

I am going from plasma to router setups and noticed that the G30 parking position does not update but remains the same between plasma and router.

to go between setups of router and plasma I have been doing the following.

Reboot, F1, plasma thumb drive installed, choose "plasma 4.02" load, then load settings in F1 page and reboot. I do this sequence for either setup.

there are 4 things I think should be addressed, two for safety reasons. 1-2

  1. A G30 that is fixed and doesn't update between OS builds is not a good plan. In my case it is imperative that the parking positions are different and specific for the machine being run, otherwise the machine would crash with the wrong parking position.
  2. The G30 command rapids simultaneously from the current XYZ position. This is dangerous in that once a tool pulls out to its clearance Z, it could be wiped out and or destroy a feature on the work piece between here and the parked position. It should, in my opinion, move exclusively up to absolute machine z 0.0 first, then a coordinated XY to the parked position.
  3. A choice other G 0 rapid would be favorable.
  4. The parking position is not listed in the printable file generated.
  5. Separate G54-5x home positions for the different OS builds would also be a nice feature since the G30 is on that screen. Also in the printable file.

I'm sure not many people switch between plasma and router as I do but #2 really needs addressing.



So just to verify again, my MASSO 4.02 does not behave as advertised. The literature says it rapids Z completely up to machine 0.o first but this is not how G30 functions. It rapids from wherever the tool is at by moving simultaneously in XY & Z.

According to:

  • G30 - This first rapids the Z axis to its specified parking position and then the remaining axis will simultaneously move to their parking positions.
  • The Park position is defined in the F4 Screen

Is there something I am doing wrong?? In my case G30 is X 0 Y 68 Z 0.



Hi John,

Thanks for your report. I have tested the G30 and find that you are correct. The G30 behaves as you describe while the [Go to Parking Position] button on the MDI screen behaves as you would expect, raising the Z axis first before moving the X & Y. As a work around if you are adding it to your Gcode file doing a G30 Z0  will force the Z axis to the top and then follow it with a G30 to move the X & Y axis to the parking position.
I have created a ticket for this to be looked at.

Your point about multiple parking positions is a good one and I have also written up a ticket to have this investigated.
Cheers Peter


thanks Peter.



Hi John,

Just to update you that the Z axis will now rise to the home position before the X & Y axis moves when you use the G30 command in the next software release.
Thanks again for the report.
Cheers Peter