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can not edit any file large or small

can not edit any file large or small from masso mill 4.01?

just says it can't edit the file type? all my files end in .TAP

is there an extension limitation or file size limitation? I used to be able to edit tiny files in 3.x



Hi John,

I loaded a .tap file into my machine and was able to edit it ok.
There is a limit of about 1800 characters at this time for file editing.
If you are trying to use the Edit button on the F6 screen you need to load the file first. You can also use CTRL+E to edit.

Can you upload a copy of the offending file for testing and a copy of your printable settings file.

Cheers Peter

I just analyzed a small program to drill some holes and it was over 2500 individual characters. This was a "small" program for me. So what to do?

1800 is VERY small don't you think? Is it a memory limitation in the G3? How can we get past this sooner than later Peter?

PS: I'm in the process of making my table both a plasma and routing machine!



this is the small file

Uploaded files:

Hi John,

I loaded your file but as you noted I can not edit it.
The Gcode edit feature was designed to edit hand written Gcode files so 1800 characters is getting up there when it comes to Handwritten files but very small when talking about CAM Gcode files.

There is no problem with memory capacity with the MASSO G3.
The Gcode editor is going to be updated to allow editing of large files however at this time you will need to use other methods until it is implemented.

Cheers Peter

Yes, I doubt highly that anyone would hand write more that 1800 characters! LOL