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Chinese 1212 router conversion A11 to Masso


Hi Arie thank you for your support, One of the reasons I had confidence in the Masso product was actually people like you who are willing to help people with their installation. Having an active forum and actually adding features that users suggest also makes the product improve and mature for real world usage

I am happy with using the probing feature as it works 100% just wondering if they could add a function to the input settings the equivalent to pressing the z probing on the probing screen with set z after so I could install a switch on my machine where probe is so all i need to do is place probe under z axis and press button on my cnc rather than use the mouse and screen to do this..

In other words it would be like a auto Z input for an mpg, simply press the button and job done. I thought it would be a nice feature to add and it would just be another option on the input setup menu

Pretty sure it would only take a few lines of code linking an input to two mouse clicks and even control P on keyboard


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I have solved the last problem with my setting up of the Masso, when doing auto tool zero after home the z was set to top of the touch plate not the work surface. I have not seen any solution in the videos and forum I have been looking for a while for a solution but then realized I needed to go into f4 tools and offsets and set g54 up just called it home and put -ve value for touch plate height in the z offset, I am finally happy that all my hardware and Masso is running well. I would still like to see a home Z or probe Z option in the input function settings though

I have been continuing to do the clean up mission, Managed to get some paint on the cnc am planning a android app that will allow advanced mpg functionality but that's dependent on Masso adding more input options as they are very limited atm

Here are some of the latest photo's of the build

I ended up dropping one of the front panels and drilling the wrong size holes for switches so need to remake it, I don't like finishing jobs and am a bit fussy really want to dig in and get this finished so i can start on my next mission and use the CNC unfortunately it wont run safely in its current state, but have used it to cut hole for fan in the front panel

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A Few more photos in finished Color (I used up red paint as filler and guide coat for sanding)

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