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Chinese MPG Power correction

Have not seen this specifically asked yet, so here goes.  I was given a generic Chinese MPG that looks very similar to the one that Masso offers.  What is the recommendation for the power correction From 24v to 5 v? How does Masso make the adjustment?  Thank you.

The MPG connector on MASSO will output the same voltage that is supplied to the MASSO, so depending on MPG wheel you might need to install a voltage regulator before the MPG.

Would a separate 5v power supply, wired in between the Masso and the mpg work?


If you need 5v then adding voltage regulator is probably the best way. Please google for 7805 regulator and you can use something like this.

Couldn't you just use a voltage divider ?


Couldn't you just use a voltage divider ?

Naw, won't really work. You will need to go with @masso-support 's idea like this:


Image result for 7805 regulator circuit

Some MPG's consume a bit of current and because you are trying to get rid of 19V (24-5) you almost certainly will need to heatsink the 7805.

Alternatively, use a type of 5V Power Supply. I used  one of these in my CNC Router to power the 3 Masso Limit Switches. They are very efficient (no heatsink required), accurate and relatively inexpensive (DFR0205 Image attached).

Cheers, patrick

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