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CNC on Masso

I’m totally new to CNC machining. But I was thinking of buying a CNC Router to machine aluminium and composites.

I’ve been looking for a router with x,y,z with a 4th axis rotary head, for machining at angles.

I was checking out this website, when I saw a video of a CNC Router, in the “Complex Machining” section. It’s shows a Hertz high speed spindle head machining a length

of plastic or composite. The head moves through the x,y,z axis as well as pivots through a 4th axis to machine up to right angles. The sort of thing I’m thinking of.

Can anyone please tell me the name of the CNC Router maker?


Hi NEM and welcome.

Could you be a little more specific. Complex Machining section of what?

Do you have a link to the video you are referring too.

Cheers Peter

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your welcome.

It is the video on this websites home. Showing a Hertz spindle machining through a 4th axis 0 to 90 degrees.

Thanks NEM.


Found the one you are talking about. The machine in question is a custom built 5 axis machine.

To get one like that you would need to design and build it yourself.

Cheers Peter

Ok. Thanks Peter. Thought that might be the case.

Cheers NEM.