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CNC VIDEOS, Show me what you got...

Some recipe testing


How to square up your Y gantry, when both drives are slaved to the one output of Masso.

Put the new plasma torch on today and this is the first cut with it.

"And who said there are no Kookaburra's in Thailand"

Cut some stainless shop numbers today,

Still have three more to cut so i might play with the feed settings later in the week to get a better cut.

Even though i was happy with the first two i cut. "I tell about the settings during the video as well"

In this video i made a basic air hose reel, I just had to tidy a few things in the work shop today.

If you like the way it turned out and own a cnc plasma cutter feel free to download the DXF file so you cut one for yourself.

No plans are needed for this, all you need to do is watch the video to get the idea to build it.

Just unzip the "Hose Reel file"

From Ross.

Uploaded files:


Will it work. Who knows?

Hi Ross,
That's what you get for cutting at Warp speed.   😉

Cheer Peter