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CNC VIDEOS, Show me what you got...

Well that last video gave me a bit of a hangover!

So a Coffee is well over due!

Video shows the Masso in action, cleanup of metal and painting of the final art work.

nice work ross looks like you have the best masso plasma cutting i seen so far using masso controller


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Thanks John for your kind comments,

All the issues with the Masso were fixed probably two years ago. Masso spent days with me on Skype till we got the programming all fixed, using my cnc machine as the tester so we could iron out all the bugs. I can't thank them enough for being so nice to work with!

Lately Peter and i have been trying to sort out the scriber cause the VGA screen shows scribe offsets in the wrong position. We thought we had it sorted in the SheetCam post processor, but ran into some temporary offset problems. I got lost and confused with it all so we will leave it till i am in the frame of mind to tackle it again. Like i will say the scribe is just a visual thing and doesn't upset the accuracy of the job.

Getting back to the Masso plasma as far as i am concerned i haven't any issues with it, this includes the Proma 150 THC.

My only problem is using a cheap P80 cutting head that won't cut at 90 degrees to the sheet and the fact of having to run over to the plasma to adjust the THC.

On console THC adjustment would have been the way to go! but i didn't know about the Price THC at the time.

I am happy with what i have learned over the past couple of years playing with cnc machines, for before that i had never seen a cnc work before!

So what made me do it? In Surin their are two cnc plasma cutters and i don't exaggerate that they were worn out old dinosaurs with about 5mm play in them. and like the saying goes if you want to do a job properly do it yourself! The good wife knew i needed a hobby to fill in my days of endless nothings, so she said OK.

"Man I need to get back to Oz and go camping and Gold prospecting"

Cheers Ross.




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Have you upgraded to V4.01 yet and what is your input voltage to the Masso unit?

Thx Mate


Sorry but it doesn't work that way, you don't go abusing a person then expect them to be a mate.

Was it something like you wanted to see my frog ass pounded back into the pond and you would laugh and eat popcorn while it happened!

The comment i made was for Lilow to choose how he should replied to to people in a civil  manner. which is all in the past now and water under the bridge!

Not one thing was directed to you and you know it, but seeing you too are mates.

You stuck your 2 cents in and fully abuse me, that is unforgivable, Just totally surprised why Masso never banded you from this forum.

Added a photo just to jog your memory. No hard felling i hope.



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Your right I should not of stooped to your level and bashed another member of the forum, but I did. Like you say it is water under the bridge.

Again I thank you for your helping members of the forum with the Proma unit.

Yes I consider the Dingo a mate he helped me make a working THC for Masso. A task that not even Masso could accomplish.



It seems I have been mentioned here.

I will sit back under Ayres Rock and contemplate everything with a froothy when I have time to read it all.

At the moment I haven't read it, but it must be good reading.

Hang loose buddy.

Cheers. Lilow.