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coolant mist, coolant flood

it is the same coolant mist and coolant flood


You may have discovered by now that Masso has 2 different inputs, one for each and a additional input to turn off all coolant systems.

I suppose the logic is that if you want one off then the other would also want to be turned off.



Flood coolant basically consists of a pump when turned on shoots coolant at the cutting area to cool the cutter and work piece, very messy but effective. Mist coolant basically consists of an air valve that is opened and as the air passes through the device it suctions a small amount of coolant/lubricant and blows the air and fluid mixture at the cutter and work piece. Less messy.  Even though I have both systems I almost always use flood coolant it seems it works better and if you have a half decent enclosure around the machine it's pretty easy to collect it properly


To add to Guy's answer, Flood cooling also flushes the chips away from the cut surface/face.