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DIN Model number

I bought a DIN to mount the Masso, but it will not fit. What model of DIN do I need?



Its a 35mm DIN rail, please see this link:

Is that a 35 x 7.5 or is that a 35 x 15 rail?

i think the 35 refers to the width of the rail and the 7.5 and 15 as a second number refers to the height of the 35 rail width.

Yes, the 7.5mm and 15mm refer to the depth of the rail, @machinedude.

I'm asking for clarification as to which variant(s) of the 35mm rail will work for mounting the unit, as I've not seen the compatible depths specified anywhere.

i'm not 100%  sure but i don't think it matters the height just lifts you off the cabinet floor i think. i know i bought riser spacers when i did my control box. i'm not an expert with the stuff either so i could very well be mistaken.

MASSO will fit both 7.5mm and 15mm