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Easier access to AUX and MDI screen buttons / indicators

It would be more convenient to have AUX 1, AUX 2, AUX 3, CLAMP,  PARK and DUST BOOT, or others available directly on the F2 screen and not bury them on the MDI sub screen. Certain ones could be greyed out when program is running obviously.

I personally would be completely fine with giving up some tool path graphic space for that convenience. The tool path is (pretty?) but not that useful as you can not zoom into any area or rotate to an ISO view etc. Its only obvious function to me graphically is to see if my programing goes beyond the extents of my machine travel which I would have to already know. The pixels are stretched anyway because my screens aspect ratio is different that what MASSO can display so some of that screen space seems more valuable for buttons IMO. Also consider most machine envelopes are wider in one axis over the other, that leaves unused space above or to the side of the tool pathing generally.

Also to be able to edit and (custom label) the AUX buttons to something meaningful for the operator since implementations of the AUX TTL outputs are unique to the user generally. Like, "turn on meat grinder". I know its probably character count limited so we would have to be a little creative in our acronyms. TOMG or MEAT -G lol, but there seems to be plenty of room for full words.

see examples.



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I agree, there is a need for more screen buttons on the F2 Screen.


Any additional buttons should be "User Defind" as a Macro, so that any task or mode could be setup for the user.


Currently there is one unused button on the F2 Screen, it would be VERY useful if it was a "User Defind" button for any desired Macro.


See my Feature Request at:




Hi Eldonb
There are currently no unused buttons on the F2 Screen.
The button you are referring too is where you can type in spindle speed.
Press the Spindle CW or Spindle CCW button and the spindle will start with that speed or will update the speed if it is already running.

Is is documented here:

The empty box next to the Spindle CW is where you can enter your spindle speed. Type the desired speed into the box and press enter.

Cheers Peter

Wow, thanks Peter, I have been using Masso for about a year and did NOT know that blank button was actually an Input Field.

Tt would be interesting to know how many other users did not know the use of that field.

With some experimentation, it appears that the value entered must be followed by a press of the CW or CCW button to effect a change, also, the entered (requested) speed is still moderated by the the "Spindle Override" (F12) so the field is no longer effective (is that correct?).

Thanks again for the info.



Hi Eldonb

As you found after entering the desired speed you need to press the CW or CCW button to update the current speed.
The speed is governed by the Speed override so if you have a 50% override value and enter 10000 RPM and update with the CW button the spindle will turn 5000RPM
To bring it up to the desired 10000RPM you would need to change the speed override back to 100%

Cheers Peter