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From Japan

Hello everyone.
I'm Japanese. I bought a MASSO the other day.
And I built my own CNC router for the first time.
The performance of the MASSO is truly amazing.
Also, MASSO's support is very helpful.

I also bought the MPG pendant, but I modified the game's controller to make it easier to use.

It was very difficult for me because I don't speak English.
However, the information on this forum has been very helpful.
Thank you all!

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Very nice, looks similar to CNC router parts pro kit. Again very nice clean build.

@waterwheel welcome to the MASSO forums and thanks for sharing the machine info, it definitely looks very nice.

Please share a video of the machine running when you get it running, we are sure all CNC people on the forums will like to see your machine in action 🙂



I built a small waterwheel assembly kit.

The diameter of waterwheel is 20 centimeters.

No glue is used so that even children can assemble it.

Thesoftware I'm using is Vcarve pro.

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looking great! @waterwheel, thanks for sharing and it's great to have a little helping hand in the workshop, great work!!