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From Switzerland

Hello Everybody,

my name is Piergiovanni but everybody who speaks english call me John.

I Live in Switzerland (Europe) and I have an XYZ-Technilogies 1200-1200 Router drived with an DSP-controller and an electronic board tat never worked properly and I'm converting to Masso.

If there are any members from Switzerland, please contact me so tht we can share experiences.


Hi John

Welcome to the forum.
I hope the conversion goes well for you and you enjoy using your Masso.

Cheers Peter


Welcome to the forum.

It doesn't just have to be someone from Switzerland to share knowledge with you, we're all available to help, just ask your questions and someone will answer.



Western Australia.

Hi John and welcome to Masso forum. There is a large knowledge base here for you to use if you need to, that can tackle any questions you may have quickly. Good luck


western Canada


Hey, welcome

Currently in Switzerland too!

Hi there John, This forum has amazing support btw what controller were you using as you will probably find someone else that has done a masso conversion from the same controller


Victoria Australia