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from the uk

i have not bought a masso contoller yet . but i am seriously considering getting one  so i thought i would join this and find out some information as my lathe and mill are currently on mach3




Welcome to the world of MASSO.

I'm sure you will find MASSO an improvement on using Mach3 on a PC.

If you have any questions feel free to ask on the Forum, we are more than happy to answer them.



Welcome to the Masso Forum Steve

I tried using the mach 3 and mach 4 software but found that having software reliant on another companies controller or interface made it buggy, you might get a few more options with the mach offering but that alone can lead to confusion.

After purchasing my Masso controller I had my whole system running in a couple of days and it has been consistently reliable for the last 3 months

The support from this forum is amazing and the product is stable as fully integrated, it might seem expensive but by the time you purchase a pc and spend many hours of research to get a working system on mach 3 and if they upgrade their software there is no guarantee that your hardware will remain compatible it just seemed like mach offerings were more for people that have a lot of time and love tweaking their system rather than having a stable reliable machine that just works