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Fusion360 Post Processors for MASSO



Was there a message here? I did not see a message from MASSO

Hi There

I am having a little trouble, possible old age, but the Fusion post file I downloaded to my Mac arrived as a .cps.txt, where I think my fusion wants the .cps file.

Am I doing something wrong? Any ideas?



In case your still looking for the Fusion 360 Post Processor please note that it is now available on the Autodesk Post Processor web site below.

I can only find a Fusion 360 post processor for milling... is there one available for the lathe control that I am not seeing?

@legacymachine - No there isn't. But try this post. I have modified one of the standard ones and have it working. I'm in the middle of modifying it further for CSS but haven't sorted this out yet.

Hi is there a fusion post processor for the lathe  ?

I am using a HAAS post processor and it is working so far.

A purpose built post processor form MASSO would be preferred.

I think I have a decent solution. I am using the generic mach3 lathe post processor. Working just fine so far. I will update as I find out more.

Not sure if this was posted here recently but AutoDesk has added a Masso Lathe Post Processor for Fusion360.  I would be interested in knowing how well it works.  Just search for Masso to see the available posts.

Cheers, Stephen Brown

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