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G102 - output coordinates

On my HAAS mills, we can use G102 to output current X, Y and Z coordinates to the RS232 port. Can something similar be added to the MASSO to output coordinates to, say, a TXT file on the USB drive? This is useful in conjunction with G38.2 to digitize surfaces, edges, contours and also for in-process inspection of machined parts.

Probe > Output > Pitch Over > Repeat

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Concur on the useful aspect of output of coordinates in a line by line .txt to the usb or to the gcode editor for further edit on masso screen. The created file of coordinates would greatly assist in dimensioning a 3D model in F360 via point by coordinate import. I wouldn’t mind being able to jog around a part to where needed, tap a cycle direction on probe screen, capture x,y,z via button on screen or pendant aux.  and jog to the next. Much better than scribbled notes to deduce and transcribe.

YES PLEASE to more probe functions!