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Hello Everybody

First in advance sorry for my not to good English.....i am from the Netherlands.

My name is Henk


For a mill i have a Bridgeport interact2

running CL steppers with cslab and mach3


For a lathe i have a Emco turn 140

running CL steppers with cslab and mach3 olso.

On both machines i have some problems


So i am thinking to confert to the masso system

Starting with the Mill, just becouse there are the most problems.


I will browse the forum, and hope to find some awnsers here an there

You all have a nice day

Bey Henk

Hi there I hope your research leads to another Masso conversion, I recently converted a Chinese router to Masso, the conversion went well and the help provided on this forum got me up and running quickly.

You will find that the operation of the Masso is a lot simpler than mach3, It is definitely more stable as hardware and software are integrated in the same unit and not having a PC is also great.

Hope to hear more from you Henk