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Hello from Devon UK

I have a RF25 milling machine that I converted to CNC some 10 years or so ago and use CamBam and Mach3/4. In addition I have a small CNC router for wood projects. That also runs Mach3 and Cambam. I am trying to get to a handle on Fusion 360 instead of Alibre.

My Masso came with a CNC lathe and Milling machine from Sherline and I have been advised to go the Fusion 360 route to make it easier to integrate with Sherline.

My interests are hobby based and at the moment Have a 2” Fowler traction engine on the go (for the last 16 years or so - slowed to servicing the needs of 4 grandchildren!) along with a pair of Edgar Westbury’s Seal 4 cylinder 15cc petrol engines.

I must admit I’m finding the Sherline/Masso/Fusion360 combination hard to sort out.  For example this morning I wanted to produce 4 simple clamps for holding the vice to a cnc produced base plate. I produced the plate on my RF25 milling machine simply using CamBam/Mach3. Drilling and tapping 27 holes. I gave up on the Masso controlled Sherline Mill after several attempts when I’d get one or two elements correct but failed on the last.

There are many help video’s from Sherline, Masso and Fusion 360 but it must be my mind as they don’t seem as user friendly as Mach3 and Cambam.  Or maybe I’ve been exposed to them for much longer?

Anyway I’m hopeful that the forum may offer another angle of ‘learning’, I’m not giving up! At the investment I’ve made SWMBO won’t let me😳