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Hi from newbie @Dajin Precision

I'm a completely new worker from a CNC machining service company in Shenzhen, China, the core industrial zone, where has unique industrial development advantages, this is our To display and introduce the parts correctly and detailedly, and make the most accurate description, I usually spent most of time understanding the CNC machining process, machining techniques of different CNC parts, commonly used materials and more. The whole CNC system is too complex and contains too much content. CNC processing, machines, tools, programs, problems, turning, milling, etc, there seems to be a long process to figure out each point. Maybe a plan is required and lists the important points to know about the machining clearly. Which websites are ideal to learn the CNC basics and make progress step by step for a beginner? I want to learn more from here. I have viewed the CNCZONE and, which are both forums that feature lots of professional technicists or staff.