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High Torque HY200-3437-400A8-EN NEMA 34 Hybrid STEPPER MOTOR

My initial plan for the Shopmaster Bridgemill CNC upgrade was to use Clearpath servos but I've had the opportunity to purchase some of these motors which I believe were OEM from Shoptask for the factory CNC machines.

Given that I'm absolutely brand new to all of this, I want to ask you guys if any of you have had experience with them. They have 5 heavy wires in a bundle and a separate 4 wire ribbon cable that is really light gauge wire. It's listed as an 8 lead device. I've attached the manual as a pdf.

Here's the text from the ad:



Extremely High Torque CNC

200 Step Per Revolution, NEMA 34, 3.7” long, 4A per phase, Single Shaft, 8 Wire, with Encoder

380-480 Ncm depending on wiring which is equal to: 538-679 oz-in torque

This is an 8 wire motor, can be wired both in series or parallel bipolar or Unipolar configurations.

I'm afraid I'm going to need some hand holding on this to either get it to work or for you guys to tell me I'm better off going with the Clearpath motors over these hybrids. Thanks in advance!


Uploaded files:


I had a quick look at the datasheet and there was the following comment on page 8

HY200 3424P, HY200 3437 and HY200 3437P are obsolete and replaced by the HN34xx series. Available only on request

Could you measure the resistance between the heavy wires - I am wanting to know if any pair of wires are isolated from the others or there is electrical connection between them. The most common form of stepper motor has two coils which are electrically isolated (bi-polar arrangement), there are at least two other methods for wiring stepper motors.

Personally - go for the servo motors, those stepper motors have a "bad karma" aura (weird wiring, obsolete product - just asking for trouble).

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