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Homing setup and avoiding setup issues

When assigning the inputs on MASSO controller for homing sensors/switches the following should be checked:

  1. Make sure that once you have wired your homing sensor/switch to MASSO, the input status in the F1-Setup INPUT's list should show L (Low) and only when the sensor/switch is engaged the signal should show H (High)
  2. If the input shows H without sensor/switch being engaged and shoes L when engaged, select the input and press the space key to invert the input. If this is not done then homing will fail.
  3. Manually trigger your each homing sensor/switch one by one and watch the status in the F1-Setup screen change from L to H to make sure MASSO is getting the signals.


Homing and auto tool zero:

  1. If auto tool zero is being used then after completing the homing cycle the machine will move to the tool setter position to calibrate the tool length of the current tool.
  2. Just like the homing sensor inputs the tool setter input should show H only when touched.
  3. Manually do touch on the tool setter and watch the status in the F1-Setup screen change from L to H to make sure MASSO is getting the signals.

Good Afternoon

I have followed the steps you have laid out above, bit after the 3 touches ie y first, then x and y, only the x axis moves away the set distance say 2mm. The y axis moves slightly and the z axis remains up against the switch. The Masso shows homing complete, but I cannot jog the z axis.

Do I possibly have wiring fault? Followed the documentation to the letter.



Hi Again

I have just watched the homing video again and I see that each axis pulls back that 2mm as the switch is triggered.

Any ideas?



the pullback distance is set in the Homing settings window, you can enter value as required.

Regarding checking the wiring, can you jog all axis without homing the machine, this way you can check if the axis are moving fine.

hello. I have wired up your new 4 wire home switches  but when i go to home the machine, it does not stop on when it recieves a signal from the switch?

I am recieving a high signal on the controller when tested.

Thank you for your assistance.


@mark-b-2 quite often if the drive motors have been set up correctly and there are no issues with them the homing speed can be the problem. If the motor can't slow down and change direction while still seeing the target it will just run right over it. Maybe try a much slower homing speed and see if that works. Also the accel and decel settings can effect the way the motors slow down. If it works then you can gradually adjust faster until you find the optimum setting


This video may help users with getting homing working.