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hooking up a laser using masso

Has anyone attached a laser to their CNC using masso?


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There is evidence that @cncnutz has done this.

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Masso Support is also working on a software upgrade that will allow easy connection of a laser to MASSO, hopefully next release.



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Thanks for the quick response. I am excited about the possibility of having a laser hooked up

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Yes, just got it working today. Used an Endurance 10w+ Pro with the add on dynamic PWM box to control laser strength. My version of Masso controller is a modified G2 for the Sherline mill application, so it only has one viable output that can be controlled with G code. This is for the coolant flood, for which I have none so the M08/M09 works great to turn the laser on and off. It comes on at the power set by the POT on the dynamic PWM module. I can't imagine a run where I would need to change laser power during a run, but if so I could add a tool change stop,  a pause, or break it into two runs. While there are times I would engrave and cut on the same piece but I always do these two functions as separate g-code files.

The attached shows the test I was doing. I'm labeling the fuel caps on my airplane. My plan is to mill engrave groove lettering, then use some spray on laser etch and rerun with the laser to etch the black into the grooves. But the pics below were a good test on wood and acrylic to see if it works at all.

Phase two is finish installing things like a depth/focus probe and an air-blast nozzle. Phase three will be cutting/engraving a bunch of stuff to get a sense of feed speed and laser power settings for different materials.

This all said I'm using Inkscape with extension "gcodetools" to create 2D g-code. The learning curve on this extension is steep but I'm fairly familiar with Inkscape and don't want to change since I use it for many other projects.





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I have a Neje laser 30W module that needs a PWM input 0 to 20 kHz.
I wired it at ground and spindle output #2.
In the spindle setup:
Mark the PWM button.
RPM at 100% duty cycle: 100
PWM Frequency: 20000 (20 kHz)
All delays at zero.

Switching laser on with the M03 command.
Controling laserpower with S parameter in the G-code: S10 = 10%, S50 = 50%, S100 = 100%.
Last command in the G-code after the last G1 move: M05 S0

Worked from the first setup without any problems.
The more I learn about Masso, the more I like it.
Getting this working in MACH3 took a whole day.


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I have hooked up the 6W Optlaser to my cnc machine and Masso G3.  I am using one of the auxiliary outputs to turn the laser on and off but I have no power control this way.  It's full on or off.  But I'm cutting mostly so full power is fine for that.  And on Peter's advice I am using M62 PX and M63 PX commands to turn the laser on and off and it is working well.  I'm using Fusion 360 with the milling post processor and then manually replacing the spindle commands in a g code editor.  It's not too difficult for now until Masso gets their software update written.  I have not yet got fully accurate size of my cuts.  The circles I cut out here are drawn at 50mm but ended up 51.5mm.  That's probably something to do with the milling cutter I chose so I should be able to offset it or create a new fictional endmill.  This is just my first baby steps to getting control of the laser.  I'm eager for the software update which should fix a lot of problems.  But for now, it works ok.

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Hi @vlnmkr

When using Mill software to create the Gcode if you select a 1.5mm cutter and machine around the outside of the object then the laser will be offset by 1/2 the cutter diameter making it 1.5mm bigger overall.
If possible set the Fusion to do an engraving tool path and it will cut on the line or make the cutter diameter smaller in fusion.

Cheers Peter