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Let’s get rid of the Conversational/Wizard Mann to make space
Hell Yes!!!......I don’t need training wheels
Hell No!!!!.....I’m new to CNC and need my training wheels

I think. 14-0 result so far should be a clear message to Masso

That We do not need or want the Conversational / Wizards

please vote

I voted yes but I kind of regret it. Not because I realised that Conversational/Wizards is needed but because I think the alternatives is not very well formed. They are practically telling anyone wanting the features is dumb.

Maybe it was thought to be less formal and stiff but I think it just ends up with a less valid result.

G'day Jolbas. There is nothing wrong with using wizards.  I did for a number of years with mach3.

The masso wizards are not as easy to use and l had to get more involved with alternative programs.  This is unfortunate because wizards in my opinion where easier.

If they want to keep the wizards maybe make them able to be stored on the attached USB drive thus removing them out of main memory just an idea.

I am an abject noob to CNC. I know how to make stuff, but I am just learning CNC. What I want to see is less wizards and more written documentation. I find myself running back and forth between my PC and the shop to answer trivial questions.