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informations before CNC construction

Hello, i'm french and i want to build a new CNC, an open source model from Mekanika and i've ordered the new Masso Touch.  and of course, i have many questions :

  • which kind of wires may i use to connect Masso G3 to my steppers drivers (DM556T) : shielded or not  and the size (20, 22, 24 AWG)
  • then the same question to connect the driver to the motor (23HE45-4204S from Stepperonline)
  • and the size for the 24 V aliementation to masso

The last question is for the limit switch : i bought this one

I think i don't need to use shielded wire for this because there is optocoupler in the Masso G3 but i've no confirmation.

I know that's a lot of questions but thanks for your help and have a nice day.

I do not know the power requirements of the Masso Touch, the G3 controller requires a minimum of 0.3 Amps. I would allow 2.5 Amps for the Masso Touch as the power is used for both the controller and the screen. A typical 15" touch screen uses 40W (1.7 Amps @ 24V)

The DM556T stepper driver uses differential signals (Dir+ / Dir-) which is less sensitive to electrical noise. Thin wire (24 AWG) will work without shielding, lightly twist the pair of wires to reduce any chance of electrical noise.

Connecting the stepper motor driver (DM556T) to the stepper motors (23HE45-4204S) will require 20 AWG as the stepper motor has a rated current of 4.2 Amps.

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From Touch install page

WARNING: The installation of a 1 amp fuse between your Power Supply and MASSO is required to protect against an accidental short circuit of the auxiliary power connectors on MASSO, such an event can damage the controller beyond repair.





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thanks for response.

Breezy, have you an example for the setup of this fuse please ?



Where you mount the fuse is up to you, it can be in the control cabinet with your other electronics, as a inline fuse inside the touch or a fuse holder installed into the back plate of the Touch.

This is how I did it.





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Thanks a lot.