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Introduction: NeonDean / My "Masso G3" has arrived, now I need to instal.

G-day All,

Dean here from Melbourne, Australia, I've spent past 39 years involved with Sign making industry. I have no experience with fitting cnc drive controllers so I'm sure I'll be needing a little help from my friends.  Today I Received Masso G3 for my 25 year old Multicam 8' x 4' cnc that I purchased new in 1994, about 15 years ago we did the Multicam recommended servo to microsteppers upgrade & she has treated us well. Of late we've had communication problems between the old "Pentium win 95" boat anchor & our CNC. Our Multicam has had very light easy life, usually less than 3 hours per week. 

I'm looking forward to getting cnc back into action & I'll take some before pic's for here & fingers crossed video with Masso G3 in operation.

Cheers, guys


Welcome to the masso users family.  That G3 looks like a great choice for your router.  Both my G2's have treated me well for the last couple years.  The newer motion controllers are usually much smoother than those 90's controllers.  Post some pics of the machine once you have it hooked up.  We'd love to see how it turned out.

Cheers, Stephen Brown