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Inventor 2018 / HSM 2019

I have been unable to "post process" my file from Inventor to MASSO. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


So are you unable to generate the gcode or the gcode is not running on MASSO?

In both Inventor and Fusion I am able to generate g code.

I have downloaded the Fusion "patch" on a recently formatted stick. Put the stick in the MASSO and then turned the power on/off/on. If it loaded I am unaware as there was NO indication one way-or-the other.

Within both Inventor and Fusion I am able to go to the "Post Processor." The issue is now what. I selected "All Vendors." Then I have no idea as to what to select from the other menu. I have selected numerous combinations between "vendors" and the other menu options. In some cases when I "load" the file some files result in very large circles. In some case a very tiny square can be seen in the lower left corner.

I don't know what to do next. I would pull my hair out but, I don't have any.

  1. downloaded the Fusion "patch" to MASSO: not sure what do you mean by that. Are you loading the MASSO fusion post file to MASSO?
  2. The MASSO Fusion post file is to be loaded into fusion and then selecting it generating your gcode.
  3. MASSO will only take gcode files to run your machining cycles.

It was not clear to me from ANY of MASSO's documentation that I was to load that into Fusion. I will try that within the hour.

Yes all POST processor files are for the relevant CAM software's. So for example if there is a POST file for sheetcam then it needs to be loaded in sheetcam.

So far I have been unable to get the file past Malwarebytes.

which file and whats the issue?

MASSO Mill post processor configuration.

I have tried repeatedly to "load" this file and bottom line I do not know how to "load" file.

I have really been struggling on a very simple part. A horizontal tail of a model plane.

I am able to create a .nc file but when I go to run the file the router only moves in about a 2" square and does NOT represent the part I am trying to produce. Attached is the file depicting the tool path. Another file showing how I am going to post process the part. Another file showing the file a processed.

Clearly I am doing something wrong but do not know what. You help would be appreciated.