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Inventor 2018 / HSM 2019

Can you please generate the same tool path in millimetres and send us the .nc file for testing.

I believe I was able to convert to mm.

Thank you for the file.

We have found a small issue with the file in inches, can you please export the file in millimeters and use it for the time being while we look into this.

Greetings.  Have you been able to fix the small issue?  Looking forward to it.  I hardly know how to spell mm as all of my work is in English.  🙂

Hello, that was fixed after our last communication and you should have received the new software in your email. Whats your controller serial number please so that I can resend the software.


The software was automatically emailed last week, in the system we have this email ID for this serial number, have added 'x' to mask your email Id in the forums, is this email ID correct?

I have resent the software again just now.

I meant to express my thanks earlier.  Thank you.


No worries, so do you got the software or want us to email?

Every thing A OK


Thank you