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Lathe I am trying to build

Yes, I just posted a question,in the Question and Answer about setting the dip switches. I got all the motor, drivers,and power supply info.

Ok I'll take a look and see if I can help.

When I try to jog the motor with the jog set to continuous the motor only goes about a 1/4 turn. Do I need to put larger numbers in the min,max distance boxes in the axis setup screen? Right now I have -1.00 in the min box and 2.00 in the max box.







As you have some movement your driver dip switch settings are probably OK.

General setting for axis are

    • min = 0
    • max = length of travel
    • distance travel = amount of movement (travel) for one revolution of motor. Fine tune with wizard when your movement sorted.
    • pulses / revolution = number of steps for motor to do one revolution (1.8 deg = 200 steps) X number of micro steps set in driver.
    • feedrate & acceleration set to conservative values and increase once axis calibrated

These settings will get you moving.




Thanks for the info. I set the boxes in the setup page to you instructions, and now it works fine. N ow I can set up my limit switches.


I finally got my stepper motors to run in jog . I noticed that the red/green lights on my stepper drivers Wantai DQ 860ma do not light up,should be green when working right. I am also having trouble wiring up the limit switches. Masso says you can use the hard limit switch for a homing switch also. Their wiring video shows 5v for the hard limits, do I need to get a 5v power supply? Any help with this problem would be a big help. My email is

No power supply needed. The Masso provides it's own power for those devices. Simply use the Red power terminals on the Masso. They are located next to the inputs for convince. Double check to make sure the switch you use is rated for the power coming from those terminals. Which is up to 24v max. Just check it with a volt meter before doing anything.

Yes I use a hard limit switch. Not the proxy switches. Hard limit switch makes life much simpler. I use these. It's just 2 wires, one goes to power the other goes to the input. Then I 3D printed a mount. Easy as it gets.

As far as the Driver for your motor. I will have to research it further. The green and red light might require something ells that is not necessary. But I will check.


So the documents I read show that if the lights are off then you have a power issue. Either wrong power, (I don't know what that means either) or to little power.

Can you provide a link to the data sheet or instruction sheet? It would help to ensure we are reading the same thing.

Best Matt


I got the green light now, don't know what I did just went around and re tighten all my wire connections.When I go to the jog screen, and push the continuous button I can't turn off the incremental button. I can't seem to get it to jog continuously, any suggestions?

That's odd.

Let me play with my controller and see if i can get a similar result.