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linear actuator B axis rotation for 5 axis CNC mill build

Hi all,

I am in the process of designing a 5 axis mill and am interested in using linear actuators to provide rotation for my B axis. The design puts the spindle mounted on a pivot, which uses a linear actuator at a distance to pivot the spindle around the B axis by retracting/extending the linear actuator. Further concept sketches are shown in the attached photo.

I'm interested in how this may be controlled with Masso? Has anyone attempted machines with this configuration in the past?

Uploaded files:
  • B-axis-concept.PNG
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According to the internet oracle google the term of "linear actuator" has only been mentioned twice in previous Masso forum postings. Once with respect to a Plasma THC Z axis, the other was a hold down device for a "dragging knife" machine.

Interesting concept - a couple of suggestions:

  • Add a rotary encoder on the axis to measure the rotational angle
  • Add some form of closed loop controller between the linear actuator and the rotary encoder

If the linear actuator is a DC motor then you might be able to find a DC server motor driver to act as a closed loop controller (connects to Masso using Step/Dir signals).