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This will save lots of time for me.


Thanks to you

Thank you very much for your work, this will make the learning process easier


Thanks for that,i'am going to need all the help i can get a and then some, so this quick reference guide will be a great help.

Very Well Done .. Thanks

Thank You .. just printed it out and had it laminated in heavy plastic film .. will punch a hole in the corner & hang from the keyboard tray on a chain.

Hi Guys

I am glad to see that the cheat sheet is such a popular item. I still use mine allot when I test out new features. I was happy to pay it forward for all the help that this forum has provided me.

Cheers, Stephen Brown

Very nice.  Thank you!

This is so useful

Thank you

But why pgup & pgdown do nothing in masso lathe controller?

And how to Use shortcut to change increment in lathe version?


Thanks for your hard work,

Could you post up a black & white only or the Excel file it was created in? I would like to add some of my own notes to the list.