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MASSO compatible with Logosol Spindle Drive

Hello to all the MASSO's forum members.

I'm building a small CNC machine and I'm considering to control the spindle (Jager 0.3kW) with a Logosol High Frequency Spindle Drive.

I attached the PDF diagram and I thank you all for your kind support.

I wish you all a great day.

Salutations from France.

Uploaded files:


As discussed here is the suggested connection diagram.

CW rotation is controlled by relay 1, while relay 2 controls CCW.

When +ve is applied to CN7-5 the driver is enabled with default direction of CW.

To rotate in CCW direction CN7-6 needs to be +ve for at least 1ms before CN7-5 (enable pin), so the CR circuit will provide a 5ms delay before CN7-5 reaches the high state trigger point.



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