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Masso Link 2 UI looking funky beyond usability

Hi, I've updated the controller's software to the 4.01 version. I also dowloaded the MASSO link 2 software, but for some reason the UI is messed up. At most I could connect it to the machine and load a file, but the disarrangement in the interface made the "send file" button unreachable. This is how it looks:

I thought the file might've been damagend on the dowload, so I dowloaded it again, but the mistake persisted. Yet I tried it in another computer and it looked fine. But passing the files from my workstation (which is realtively new) to the other computer seems like an unnecessary hassle. Any idea what could be the reason for this malfunction?

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Are you using more than 100 percent in your screen scale setup.


yes, this looks like a screen resolution or scaling issue.

can you please share what OS you are using, screen resolution and DPI settings?

Yes, I have it scaled at 150% because I have a 3440 x 1440 screen. DPI should be 96, I couldn't find the value on the Windows settings. When I scale back to 100% MASSO Link looks fine, but along with everything else, so small that makes harder to work on it. I guess for the time being I have to scale back to 100% zoom whenever I need to send a file.

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I will try to help, all thought I think Masso should Address This:

If you change your display in Windows, you will find a setting that will work.

After changing settings, if you don't close the Link window, it will stay steady.

You can now change the display settings to whatever you want.

You need to restart masso link after every change to see results.

Hope this helps.



Same issue over here! I also can't get files dropped in this Link V2.0 window. (Yes Link V2 says it is connected.)

Indeed a scaling option problem. Got my 32" monitors at 2560x1600 @ 175% scaling.
Weird screen of Link V2.0, back to 100% the screen is normal again but now i cant work in my CAD program anymore!

I'm running Windows 10, all up to date!

Hopefully Link can get a bug fix for this, i'm using V1.6 now and works fine.


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thx for all the info and this will really help us replicate the issue on our side and to find a solution.

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Yes... keen to see a fix for this... the same issue here.


A temporary fix is to set your scaling on the monitor to 100%, any other scaling causes the disjointed display.