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masso link looses connection

After a while it looses connection.

on the machine it says it is connected, there is no way to disconnect or change anything once it says it is connected on the user interface on the machine which is odd. can only exit the sub window.

be nice to try recycling it or a different IP

on the PC, it try's to connect forever to no avail. Masso link on the PC shows the correct IP but refuses to connect, also the visual layout seems messed up while not trying to connect. see pic

seems only rebooting the machine will fix it, which is not practical.



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Hi John,

There is a bug in the new MASSO G3 software that causes it to stop working at the MASSO end while it still shows connected.
There is now a fix for this and will be in the next update due out shortly.

The screen issue you are seeing may be to do with the screen resolution you are using on your PC.
Is your screen 1920 x 1080?
Is it scaled? What's your screen DPI set to?
please also see this: masso-link-2-ui-looking-funky-beyond-usability

Cheers Peter