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Masso plasma screen need some features

Masso plasma  i just go a new G3

right off the bat bad battery ..   another feature that not good having to switch on and off the Estop every time it powered

the other is the limits. 1 having to wire every limit with a separate x y z lot of extra wires   .  the worst.  trip a limit to clear it buy homing  . i havent homed my plasma table ever that nuts

in the jog screen how does one fire the torch?? and do a jog cut .and no speed indicator ...   the other no on screen feed rate setting.. to slow down or speed up during cutting

is there any way to overcome some of this   ..      An arc ok setting in the mill screen with thc inputs would be a better setup for plasma  i had a g2 3 years ago still same old masso



Masso Plasma is a great controller for everything you would want to do.