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I'm trying to retrofit an old cnc router. It's a Camtech RM52  52" x 52".

I bought new drives (Gecko GR214V) and my original stepper motors are 8- wire motors.

I would like to wire them in parallel. I think i figured out how but I'm not sure. I found an old schematic online and it has the same color wires. I've checked continuity, and it looks like it matches up the the schematic.

Could someone please check the attached schematic that I made to see if it looks right before I hook it all up?? Don't want to break anything....(nubie)



Uploaded files:


Drawing looks good.

I'd connect the 5v -ve directly to MASSO's PS -ve. All negatives/grounds should be connected together on a common block.

There have been a few cases where a current overload on a MASSO -ve terminal has blown the track off the circuit board, as the -ve line is not fused.

Nice setup of your machine.



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I appreciate your input, I will do that.

Thanks 👍