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Masso - Vetric post processor

MASSO - Vetric PP A-axis

I've just a created rounding image in VCarve Pro 10.5. On saving a toolpath .nc file
using Masso ATC Arcs (mm). I find there is no mention of a 'A' axis anywhere
in the toolpath file produced (see below).
Where am I going wrong.


Part Sample .nc file

( Rounding Toolpath )
( File created: Wednesday February 10 2021 - 11:08 AM)
( for Masso from Vectric VCarve Pro / Aspire 9.5)
(Post Processor version Metric v1.1)
( Material Size)
( X= 157.080, Y= 100.000 ,Z= 25.000)
(Toolpaths used in this file:)
(Rounding Toolpath)
(Tools used in this file: )
(6 = Endmill .250" upcut)
N110 G00
N120 G21
N130 G17
N140 G90
N150 G80
N160 (Endmill .250" upcut)
N170 T6 M06
N180 G00
N190 S13000 M03
N200 (Toolpath:- Rounding Toolpath)
N210 ()
N220 G94
N230 X0.000 Y0.000 F2540.0
N240 G00 X20.752 Y0.000 Z26.000
N250 G1 X20.752 Y0.000 Z35.231 F1524.0
N260 G1 X20.752 Y100.000 Z35.231 F2540.0
N270 G1 X18.518 Y100.000 Z35.231
N280 G1 X18.518 Y0.000 Z35.231
N290 G1 X22.037 Y0.000 Z35.231
N300 G1 X22.037 Y0.000 Z33.693 F1524.0
N310 G1 X22.037 Y100.000 Z33.693 F2540.0

As they say on the British 'Fast Show' - ' I'll get my coat then'.

ps. I found the answer to my question on another forum.