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MPG Inputs

Hi Peter,

Are the MPG inputs live to show their current input state or are they only to select their triggering state?

At what point does the MPG:OFF message at the top of the screen turn on and ready to use the MPG? Im guessing any MPG trigger?

I ask because if i change the state to high with the space bar then the MPG message at the top of the screen changes to show that input as ON, meaning it only accepts a high input?




All MASSO inputs are live at all times, so you can check the inputs for operation. The invert function is to reverse the logic state regardless of the input state.

MPG status indication changes to ON when the MPG is plugged in. The resolution switch always has one input high.

MASSO checks the MPG inputs on a continuous basis for change of state, so it knows that you are requesting it to do, via the MPG.