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Multi-Head and Tool 111 (Laser Engraving/Cutting)

In the new Multi-Head software (as per new online documentation),

and having a Auto Tool changer,

and switching to tool 111 for laser engraving, is the current tool in the spindle (say T2) put away before tool 111 is engaged and laser tool offsets set?


The current tool is not put away. It remains in the spindle.
The Main spindle enable output goes low which would retrace the spindle and the Laser up/down output goes high which would push the laser down into position.
Realistically you would not have this on your set up unless it was built with this in mind.
I have my laser on a linear slide and manually drop the laser into position.
It lets the laser drop low enough that even with a cutter in the spindle it will not be in the way.

Of course every machine setup is different.

Cheers Peter