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Multicam Series IIs Conversion

Gday all,
There have been a couple of conversions on the Multicam machines already on the forums, so I thought I would add mine as well.

Machine History
I purchased the machine back in January 2021 from a shopfitter who bought the machine new back in 2011. It was a daily workhorse for them until 2019 where they upgraded to a more modern machine. The machine was serviced regularly with service records included in the sale, an ATC (automatic tool changer) with tooling / collects / tool holders included as well as an upgraded interface to run on windows 10. The Multicam machine had its last service and was covered up for the next couple of years.

The Learning Curve

Upon unloading and setting up everything on the machine worked as intended. The issue I had was being able to incorporate the included ToolPath program into my workflow. Since it was an older 2001 program it is quite limited as well as the onboard memory of the controller could only handle smaller file sizes with no way of trickle feeding information. This leads to many hours of learning how the machine worked. In the end, I decided it would be more cost-effective for me to upgrade the controller to a Masso as well as new drivers and motors. A ground-up rebuild was in order.

The Upgrade
Parts List so far:

Masso g3 Touch controller
Inc with 2 x 6 sets of relays
4 x Y Series Closed-loop Stepper Drivers
4 x  YE Series Closed-loop stepper motor (9Nm)
4 x XL 20T Pulleys for 14mm ID shaft of the motors ( X Y Z axis)

Custom Parts

Transformer  - 60v (32A) 24v (2A) 12v (3A)
Motor Mount for Gantry to house a 2nd motor


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Parts Arriving

Motors, Drives and Masso All ready to go in.

Building Parts

Because the Multicam is only driven by one motor on the X-axis coupled with a driveshaft to the other side, an adaptor plate was needed so I could mount the other Nema 34 motor.
Designed inside Fusion 360, plasma cut 10mm aluminium plate, drill and tapped as per Nema 34 specs (M6).

Design for Bracket

Original X-Axis Plate

Modified Plate with motor Mounted.














Winding new transformer for all the power needs. The new motors draw a lot more amps than the previous ones. Instead of having four separate power supplies, I am just going to make my own power source.


Out with the old in with the new

Removed all the old 2001 stepper motors leaving the homing sensors, airlines, spindle cables, fitting in the new stepper motors into the  X-axis (tight fit but worked). Due to the 12mm original motor shafts the XL pulleys won't fit the new motors so I had to source some 14mm ID bore to fit.

Out with the cabling, motors and connecting shaft

More to come. This is as far as I have gotten at this stage in the conversion.
Coming up rewiring everything (waiting on cabling) finishing off the transformer and setup, calibrate etc.

More work on the transformer today. Got all the tapping and windings done, time to assemble. Still waiting on cable and pulleys should be here Tuesday (public holiday Monday). Also need to build the rectifier as I cant seem to find a decent 100A one..