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My step motors don’t moves


who can help me

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Hi @jose-soto

How do you have your drives wired?

From the photo it looks like you are using differential wiring but each axis leaves MASSO in 2 cables, one for step and the other for direction but they arrive at the drive in a single cable and use different color wires.
This doesn't make any sense especially as the wire between MASSO and the drive is so short.

Cheers Peter

I stay the same I don't know if you could send me a sketch of how the wiring is going. it doesn't matter if it has any cost

Hi Jose,

Can you please provide a manual or a link to the manual for your drives please?

Cheers Peter

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jose soto

Hi Jose,

Your drives are differential drives so you are best to connect them in differential mode.
The page below shows how to connect drive such as yours in differential mode.

The Enable does not need to be connected to get your axis moving but you may wish to connect them later through an Estop relay to disable the motors in an emergency.
It is best to worry about that later when you have the motors turning.

cheers Peter

hi peter now when I move + axis move + but when I move - axis is still moving + 😢. Thanks for everything, and I've seen all your videos very good



Check that the voltage on the direction connections changes when you move from + to -




Well the voltage at the outputs does not change both outputs have current when I move - or + I think I should switch to servo motors. Which one would you recommend for a 10 x 5 feet cnc plasma with taiming bell