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My upgrade file is not loading on startup

Good day, my upgrade file is not loading and I have formatted my pen drive several times and have tried using another pen drive, but it still does not load on startup.

is it a G2 or G3 controller?

Its a G2 controller


Hi @francisfatade

Not sure what is happening there but because you have Masso running with software on it already you can use that to check that you can see the USB flash drive.

This the new upgrade software on the USB drive just add a small Gcode file to root directory as well.

When you turn on masso and plug in the usb drive you should see USB on the bottom line and you should be able to see your Gcode file on the drive.

If you can see the Gcode file then Masso is able to read the drive. Repower Masso and it should load the new update.

Personally I just use the same USB flashdrive for updates and my GCode and never remove the Gcode files on it and I change software several times a week without issue.

I don't know if this will help but see how you go.



Yes i can see the usb drive but not the file.

have you tried a different USB drive? can you share a screenshot of the MASSO screen when the USB is connected but not showing files?

Please note that .HTG files will not be displayed on the MASSO screen as its not a gcode file and only gcode files are displayed on the screen.

Yes I have tried another flash drive . I understand that HTG. will not appear but the USB shows up.

Quote from francisfatade on November 19, 2019, 5:41 pm

Yes i can see the usb drive but not the file.

So as I understand it you have the USB flash drive with the new software files in the root directory and at least 1 Gcode file as well in the root directory.

You say you can see the USB drive but cannot see the Gcode file.

Can you please share the screen print of this.

Have you had trouble seeing and loading Gcode files in the past?

To get a screen print just press CTRL +P and it will put a copy of the screen on your USB flash drive that you can upload here.