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New to Masso touch

I'm not sure if this is the place to ask questions??

I've bought an old cnc router years ago and I'm finally working towards getting it up and running.

It's a 4' x 4' Cam Tech industries (Router Master Mini) It has a Porter Cable Router up to 20k rpm.

I'm new to the cnc world. I ordered:

(1) Masso touch, 6 proximity sensors, (1) 24v dc power supply. (1) relay module from Masso

It has 3 dc stepping motors (see attached pic) Does anyone know if i'll need another power supply? if so, what kind?


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Hi Legacy Signs

Welcome, nice looking machine and great little project.

The forum is the perfect place to ask questions.
24V is a good voltage to power your MASSO.

You cannot run your stepper motors and drives on 24 volts and expect any sort of good performance from them. Hopefully you have the original power supply and drives with the machine but if not don't panic. With changes is drive technology you will probably get better performance out of the motors with new drives
This video will help explain stepper drives and why 24 volts will not cut it.

I would suggest starting a build log on the forum where you can show progress and ask questions as you go. You will have everything in one place and it will be a valuable resource for future builders.
I look forward to seeing your progress.

Cheers Peter

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Legacy Signs

Thank you!!

I'll watch the video and start a new forum.