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new to this until 6 months ago

Hello to all:

Up until 6 months ago had no idea what a plasma cnc table was, let alone what all goes into it ! I have a strong mechanical backround from farming for 20 years, i have done fabrication, autobody, given time can usually figure things out.  The short of it is i built a plasma cuttng table and i im in need of some assistance getting the proma thc wired up, the last piece of the project, if anyone knows how to hook up a hypertherm powermax 85 and a proma thc, all the input i i can get would be greatly appreciated

Hi Jim,

This image explains most of it:

The resistors are easier to wire up like this:

Powermax manual is here:

On pages 3-18 and 3-19 you can see the pinout for the machine interface. Pin 5 is negative and pin 6 is positive. These go into the 'DV' terminals on the Proma.

Im guessing you've got the plasma remote switch (pins 3 and 4) wired into a relay controlled by Masso?

For the Proma settings @ross made a good video:

Hello, thanks for the info, will be using a hypertherm interface cable ,(7 wire) to wire it in, have read through the hypertherm manual and looked at Ross's wiring diagram

for the proma thc, just need to figure out what all i need to wire into the masso relay module

So far Ihave #3 and #4 are to turn on the plasma through the masso

and #5 and#6 go from hypertherm cpc port voltage divider output to the
DV side of the proma, not sure about the transfer(start machine motion wires) output  #12,#14

To me that sounds like an arc ok signal. You will be taking that from the Proma instead.

Thank You

Hello all:

finally got the table all wired in , grounded and wired in the proma thc, made a few test cuts and the 1 amp fuse for the masso blew, have gone through checking for anything  not normal, wired the proma using ross's diagram, when i i  to replace the fuse it blows out as soon as i try to power up the table, any input as to why this is happening would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Jim,

If you are blowing the 1 amp fuse feeding Masso then most likely it is something you are powering something off the Masso auxiliary power terminals that is causing the problem.
What do you have connected to the Masso  Auxiliary power and ground terminals?

What value resistors are you using to pull the Proma inputs high?

Can you share a photo of the Masso unit and the printable file for your setup?


i have 5.6k ohm resistors on the inputs, nothing wired to the auxillary power ports on the masso, however i did get it working, now i i  having trouble switching between thin metal and thicker metal, say 12 ga metal, then switching to 3/8" sheet steel, not sure where to start on this problem other than re calibrate the z  axis to the top of the table, i am using a proma thc with the masso, one question i have in regard to calibrating the z axis, do you measure the travel from the top of the table to the machine torch tip? how do the thc1 and thc2 inputs need to be set, i have them both set normal not inverted ? also having trouble with the torch tip not going low enough to the metal, any and all input with this would be greatly appreciated.


  • Jim

Hi Jim,

Glad you got it going again. You had me worried.
Could I suggest that you post technical questions under the Questions and answers section as it is more likely to be seen there than in the introduction page.
I also suggest that you post 1 question at a time as multiple question tend to get lost as people answer one of them and the rest disappear further up the screen.
For a THC you should be using probing to set the height of the Z axis each time you start a toolpath. This automatically will set to the height of the stock.
Have a look at this page which will help explain how THC works on Masso.

Hope this helps
Cheers Peter

Thanks will look at all the info and check settings tonight after work, what would be needed to set up the probing for the plasma? will try to find more info either in the forum or documentation