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Newbie Intro

Howdy, my name is Wayne. I'm a retired Quality professional getting into CNC. Gathering parts and knowledge for the first build and looking for all the help and direction I can get. I stay in North Carolina , ride a 2019 Indian Roadmaster with a CSC trike conversion.

Welcome Wayne, Hope you enjoy the adventure.

What sort of machine are you building? Mill, Plasma or Lathe?



Howdy Peter, I'm building a mill. I have nema 34 motors, a 1000x1500 frame, 1.5kw water cooled spindle and Vectric VCarve Pro, software. Ordered the Masso 5axis controller today. Will be looking for a lot of wiring and setup help.

Hi Wayne. Welcome to the forum and the world of cnc machining. You will find lots of help here when you need it. Good luck,


Thanks for the warm welcome. I have already started asking questions and help has been there. I will use the q&a section for help.

Hi All,

Matt from the USA,

I just started a cnc lathe build around a Grizzly G0602 and Billys ball screw conversion. I have it running already and I am going to build it into a Mill turn.

In the next couple of months I will be taking these lessons learned and use them to design a custom Mill Turn 5 axis machine for the DIY community.

Supper excited an love the controller, happy to be here.