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Omron MX2 VFD

Hello everyone,

I have bought a package including a Omron MX2 VFD and its spindle motor ( link ).

My problem is about the wiring between the Masso controller and the VFD. Omron VFDs are not in the support examples and it appears that each brand use its own terms for the connections. I don't want to do a mistake.

The wiring  diagram and the connections.

Could you please help me?


@smey we are making a video to help setup VFD's and will be released in the next few days.

Thank you @masso-support , this would be very helpful!

Will you detail the case of the Omron VFDs?


From the information you supplied anyone with some electrical knowledge could work out the connection requirements.

As you have asked here for help, I will assume that your electrical knowledge is none.

So the connections that you need to achieve are

  • Forward & Reverse On/Off signals
  • Speed control

Now from the wiring diagram there needs to be a connection between

  • Terminal 1 and P24 for Forward
  • Terminal ? and P24 for Reverse (Not marked on drawing, but assumed to be 2)
  • Terminal O and L for Speed

MASSO supplies the following terminals on the spindle connector block

  • Pin 1 - Speed
  • Pins 4 & 5 CW direction (Forward)
  • Pins 6 & 7 CCW direction (Reverse)

So looking the various drawings that MASSO supply the Schneider Altivar 18 is the closest to your setup. From this you can see that you need to connect

  • Pin 1 to Terminal O
  • Pin 4 to Terminal 1
  • Pin 6 to Terminal 2 (assuming that this is Reverse)
  • Pins 5 & 7 to Terminal P24
  • MASSO -ve Terminal to Terminal L

From a quick look at the documentation available on the Sorotec site I couldn't find any information on what terminals 1 to 7 on the VFD do, to confirm that terminal 2 is Reverse.

As the kit comes with a pre-made cable for the spindle, I don't need to explain that side of the connections, only that if the motor turns the wrong way just change two wires at the VFD connection.

Hope this helps you to get your machine going.



Quote from Breezy on August 18, 2019, 1:51 am

From a quick look at the documentation available on the Sorotec site I couldn't find any information on what terminals 1 to 7 on the VFD do, to confirm that terminal 2 is Reverse.


Googled Omron MX2, found English user manual and confirmed Terminal 2 is Reverse pending on the settings in "C" group parameters

  • C001 = 00 Forward
  • C002 = 01 Reverse

Also the wiring can be changed to more conventional Sink logic by moving the shorting bar from L & PLC to P24 & PLC then the wiring from MASSO to VFD becomes

  • Pin 5 to Terminal 1
  • Pin 7 to Terminal 2
  • Pins 4 & 6 to Terminal L

Which matches most of the other MASSO spindle connection drawings.

Hope this hasn't confused you more.

There is a lot information in the manual (418 pages) that require detailed reading to confirm the parameters are set correctly to control the spindle from the MASSO.



here is the video, all thanks to Peter fron CNCnutz for putting in so much effort to explain the process, please make sure to subscribe to Peter's youtube channel:


@breezy Thank you for your help, it was useful. Now the machine works! I am really happy!

Like you said, my electrical knowledge is nearly none. But this project made me learn lots of things. Now I have to properly set the VFD's parameters. The list of parameters is a bit long but I can do it!

In fact the hardest task was to convince wife that I should better go to my workshop instead of the beach yesterday 😉

@masso-support Thank you for the video, it made me understand the wirings. I really do appreciate your support. My next projects are a CNC plasma and a stronger CNC milling machine. For these projects I will chose Masso.


I hope my english is not too bad to be understood :/

Once again, thank you guys for your help!