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On Screen Keyboard

Would it be possible to include an on-screen keyboard for use with touch screens on G3 controller?  It would clean up the control panel area and eliminate the need to go back and forth to input information in the F4 & F5 screens.  I think it would be really cool if we could get rid of the physical keyboard and mouse altogether.    That would give this controller a really modern interface, unlike any other CNC controller on the market.

Cheers, Stephen Brown

with the current horizontal screen layout, there is no room to display the on-screen keyboard but we are working on a new software release for G3 controllers that will have a vertical interface specially designed for touch screen use and yes it will have an on-screen keyboard on the bottom of the screen.

Wait, you guys are actively working on “specially designed” features for touch screens?? Maybe you can specify exactly which touch screen one wold have to buy for those features to work... 23 pages of comments in the touchscreen section of the forum and nobody seems to have the slightest idea on even one specific model that reliably works and where to buy it from...

This was one of the primary reasons that I decided to go with Masso and it has turned out to be a complete lie that Masso supports touch screens at all. To find out that you’re working on features for that, and I am still unable to simply increase the feed rate of a running job is beyond maddening.

I had touch screen functionality AND feed rate increase when I was running bCNC on a raspberry pi... and that was FREE!!!


I've tested a number of touch screens to find a combination that worked with Masso and posted about them in the questions and answers forum.  What I discovered is that touch screen technology has evolved a great deal in the last few years without much standardization.  The touchscreen interface for Masso is looking for an interface that simulates a single mouse click whenever the screen is touched.  In my tests, I found that only 4-Wire Resistive Touchscreens will work with Masso.  The 4-wire resistive type of touchscreen can only detect one touch at a time so it most closely simulates a single mouse click.  Multitouch or capacitance type panels will not work with Masso since it's generally not suitable for an industrial controller that directly controls a machine.  The updates that Masso has provided have greatly improved the user experience and as a Masso customer, I want to support future improvements so that I can continue to enjoy the CNC experience they provided us. I look forward to testing the onscreen keyboard and interface improvements so that I can help them improve the product for all of us.

I hope this information is helpful to you and other Masso owners.

Cheers, Stephen Brown